Nick Cave's Red Right Hand is Now a Dr Seuss Book

By Nick Cowen on at

You've got to love the internet. If it weren't for this vast web of connectivity, how on earth would we be able to gaze longingly for hours at kittens? Where would we watch music videos from the days when MTV actually used to play them?

And how would we know that some artist from Melbourne had turned a dark and foreboding folk song by Nick Cave into a children's book, drawn in the art style of Dr Seuss? Well, we wouldn't, would we?

The inimitable Australian artist DrFaustusAU has created a twisted visual feast inspired and accompanied by the lyrics from Red Right Hand, one of the single's off Cave's 1994 album, Let Love In. If any parents are reading this, we urge you to keep it away from your tots, lest they have nightmares.

This isn't the first time DrFaustusAU has given a dark classic the Dr Seuss treatment. His past works include adapting numerous stories by HP Lovecraft including The Call Of Cthulhu. Check him out – the man's a genius!