Nigeria and Micronesia Care More About the UK Election Than the British

By Nick Cowen on at

As the UK makes ready to head to the polls, politicians, pundits and papers are highlighting the issue of voter apathy. It makes sense; as things stand at the moment, the smart money is on another hung parliament with no party gaining a clear majority.

Cast an eye at the research from News Lab at Google, and you may see what all the fuss is about. Apparently the data states that both Nigeria and Micronesia seem to be more interested in the outcome of the UK's general election than we are.

The data puts the UK third behind those two countries (the former being a Commonwealth member and the latter a tiny cluster of Pacific islands) with the Central African Republic, British Virgin Islands, Togo, Gibraltar, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Barthelemy and Vanautu rounding out the top 10. Maybe if it was the X-Factor, we'd be more involved.

Mashable reports that, in spite of the UK enjoying a 'special relationship' with the United States, most Americans couldn't give a toss about who gets into Downing Street at the end of this week. The US currently sits at 90th in terms of countries that are interested in the UK's general election. [Mashable]

Image Credit: Mature woman at a voting booth from Shutterstock