O2 Network Outage Sees Business Secretary Have an Everyman Twitter Moan

By Nick Cowen on at

Did you have a nice bank holiday? Well, if you were an O2 customer we're betting you did only if you decided to unplug for the day. Otherwise, you may have found that your carrier decided to take Bank Holiday Monday off too.

Yesterday a tonne of O2 customers took to Twitter - that bastion of public complaint - to issue burning missives against the carrier for the lack of mobile service in their area.

At around 4pm local time yesterday, the carrier posted a statement on its website saying:

"Parts of our network aren't working in various locations across the UK. This means your service might come and go until we fix the problem. Mobile devices are displaying 'no service' in areas where coverage would normally be available."

Naturally The Twitterstorm of complaints continued unabated, with even the UK's Secretary Sajid Javid weighing in on his account, tweeting, "No signal @O2  - sort it out". His tweet, by the way, was one of the more measured and polite missives aimed at O2's official Twitter account yesterday.

Following a day of reception problems reported by O2 customers in London, Manchester, Glasgow and parts of Northern Ireland, the mobile carrier has apologised and said that its service is "back to normal".

O2 says it's launched an investigation into the lead to the outage, but at present, it's not really known what caused it.