Online Voting for the 2025 General Election Could be Hackproof Thanks to This System

By Gerald Lynch on at

With ballot papers going missing and politicians trying embarrassingly to connect with da yoof voters through social media, establishing an online voting system seems the next logical step in attracting the younger generation of voters. With the digital ballot box a potential target for hackers and corruption, a team from the University of Birmingham believe they have built an electronic voting system secure enough to use in an election.

The system took two and half years to build, and uses a standalone device in tandem with a computer, much like those little calculator things you get for online banking. Hooking up to a voting application, its simple circuitry would be immune to viruses, and would be able to avoid potential attacks from foreign cyber spies trying to influence an election.

"You could have state-sponsored criminals who would want to change the outcome of the election. Estonia use an electronic system and it's often surprising to me that it isn't more secure," warned Professor Mark Ryan, speaking to the Telegraph.

"It seems to be a real threat. A lot of the computers we use are built [abroad], so we have to assume that at source, where these things are made, in the factories, malware could be installed at that stage."

As well as coaxing younger digital natives to use their vote, the system would also allow partially sighted and blind voters to have their say privately, without the need for a helper. Ryan believes that his system, currently undergoing testing, or a similar one could be ready to use by the 2025 election. By which point I'm sure we'll all be hoping to send our worker bots to vote for us anyway. [Telegraph]

Image Credit: Mature woman at a voting booth from Shutterstock