Pirates Can Put 10 Games on Your PS4 for £60

By Gerald Lynch on at

Cassettes, cartridges, CDs and digital downloads -- every advancement in game distribution has come with ever-more ingenious ways for pirates to figure out how to sell gamers knocked-off low price copies of legit titles. According to our pals over at Kotaku UK, it's the PS4 that's found itself the latest victim of piracy, despite Sony's best efforts to prevent it.

Brazilian hackers have apparently become the most prolific of this new wave of pirates, using a RaspBerry Pi and an account sharing exploit to load up a modified PlayStation 4 with as many as 10 games for the equivalent of just £60.

Piracy, in whatever medium it takes place, puts peoples jobs at risk, and the high-stakes, multi-million dollar games industry is no different. But in Brazil's low-income favelas, it's easy to see how such low prices could be tempting, whatever the moral cost. Head over to Kotaku UK for the full report. [Kotaku UK]