Playable Mario for Your Computer Desktop is a Great Way to Get Fired

By Nick Cowen on at

Between social media, Tumblr and gaming hubs, it's as if there weren't enough opportunities for you to get into trouble for mucking about at work when you should be, ya know, working. Now a bloke named Aaron Randall has developed one more...

Aaron has created a neat little application called Screentendo, which essentially lets you turn your desktop into a playable Mario game. Once you install it, a transparent window appears on your screen and you can move it and resize it over any other application you're running in another window. Simply place the Screentendo window over an area of the screen and click inside it. Then Screentendo creates a custom-made Mario game based on the content it's sitting on. It's all laid out for you in the video below:

We should point out – as Aaron does on his – that the physics in the Mario games aren't as razor sharp as those in the games kicked out by Nintendo. As Aaron says: "The physics is a little screwy – I didn’t set out to write a Super Mario Bros emulator, just something that would work 'well enough'".

Still, in spite of its shortcomings, Screentendo is a rather fun way to while away the hours. It makes us feel a little guilty, though. We really shouldn't be telling you about Screentendo. After all, we don't want to get anyone fired today.