Portal 2 and Dr Who Confirmed for Lego Dimensions

By Nick Cowen on at

If you're a parent with children who absolutely adore either Skylanders or Disney Infinity (or, more likely, both), you may want to close this browser and pretend you didn't see anything. Otherwise your bank balance is going to take quite a heavy hit in the cause of appeasing your offspring.

Lego has announced a couple of new packs for its upcoming Lego Dimensions, a peripheral- and platform-based game, which it hopes will eat into the audience of the aforementioned Activision and Disney properties.

Lego already mentioned the Back To The Future pack (which features Marty McFly, Doc's DeLorean time machine and a hoverboard), the Jurassic World pack and the Scooby Doo pack.

Now its announced Portal 2 and Dr Who packs. The former features Chell and her Portal Gun, a laser block and a laser turret. The latter features the Twelfth Doctor (played on TV by Peter Capaldi), The TARDIS and K-9.

It seems that Lego is pulling out quite a few stops in its bid to tempt audiences over to its new game, which is probably wise given how much intellectual property Disney has and could yet tap into for Disney Infinity.

Lego Dimensions is set for a tentative September 27th release on Xbox One, Wii U, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360. That wailing you can hear is your bank balance....