School Test Results Improve After Banning Mobile Phones

By Gary Cutlack on at

Researchers mapping exam test results and school mobile phone bans have some bad news for the student population of the UK, with data suggesting that schools that ban mobiles can expect to see test results rocket by a whopping 6.4 per cent.

The writers of the paper Ill Communication: Technology, Distraction & Student Performance say this adds up to one whole extra week of school work a year in terms of improving pupil performance.

The enhanced results appear to show that in-school gadget bans disproportionately favour pupils at the lower end of the achievement spectrum who benefit even more from tech bans, with the paper's authors saying: "Furthermore, this effect is driven by the most disadvantaged and underachieving pupils. Students in the lowest quartile of prior achievement gain 14.23% of a standard deviation, whilst, students in the top quartile are neither positively nor negatively affected by a phone ban."

But there's no option of simply banning phones among the more stupid kids, as the researchers say the ban must be widely enforced, adding: "Our results indicate that there are no significant gains in student performance if a ban is not widely complied with."

So no phones for everyone, not even if you're an A-grade genius who was the first in class to get an iPhone 6 off his Daddy for being so clever. [CEP [PDF] via Guardian]

Image credit: School mobile from Shutterstock