This Wi-Fi Network Only Works in the Shade to Protect You From Skin Cancer

By Nick Cowen on at

A new means of internet connectivity is about to present beach-goers with a choice between internet connectivity or tanning.

Developed by Happiness Brussels at the behest of the Peruvian League Against Cancer, The Shadow Wi-Fi system – which is that massive blue oblong you can see in the picture above – allows people on the beach to stay connected and gaze at all of the pictures of cats they want. The catch? The don't get to access the Wi-Fi unless they're in the shade.

For those of you who are about to point out that the Earth's rotation around the sun means that the shady area of Wi-Fi will move, Happiness Brussels has already thought of that eventuality and has the situation covered. The Shadow Wi-Fi system boasts an internal directional antenna and a sensor that tracks the movements of sunlight throughout the day. This means if you want to stay online, you'll have to move when the pool of shade provided by the tower does. It's all in the cause of reducing risk to skin cancer.

The system was demoed on the Playa Agua Dulce beach in Peru, but apparently plans are in place to install it on beaches in the US and New Zealand.

Of course, you could always give yourself a break from the internet and take a book to the beach. Proof, if ever anymore was needed, that everyone in the 21st century is glued to their smartphone for all hours of the day.