Shazam Now Does Image Recognition, Probably to Sell Ads

By Gary Cutlack on at

Shazam has announced a move into visual recognition, adding the ability to scan QR codes and take snaps of marketing materials that feature the Shazam logo to its app -- then sit back and enjoy the #marketing #content they they deliver to your dispassionate eyes.

It's almost like it's trying to reinvent the much hated QR code. It's not a generic image recognition tool as such, appearing more like a tool to let advertisers pretend they're reaching people who give a toss about their latest #viral #content.

The idea is you see the Shazam logo then might be minded to whip out your phone to take a photo of it, with the reward of something like a trailer for an entirely computer generated film, an advert, a link to an advert's web site, a funny video created at vast expense by a mobile phone company that no one's watched yet, or something else equally modern and banal and pointless.

Shazam says it's teamed up with a raft of old-gen media giants like Condé Nast, Disney and Hearst to deliver experimental visual content through the image tagging system, with Shazam saying this move "...enables brands to drive deeper, more impactful engagements with their audience."

It's QR codes that link to trailers. It won't change the world. [Shazam]