Small Pocket of Welsh to Test BT's 500Mbps Non-Fibre Links

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT and its Openreach fleet of van-driving engineers are about to trial its technology out in the real world, with a small group of around 100 homes in Swansea getting the first look at the fibre-like speeds BT thinks it can get through traditional copper connections.

It's the third trial to hit the UK, with tests in Huntingdon and Gosforth currently in the planning stages too. The Swansea test will see the "up to 500Mbps" copper system on offer to a small number of homes and businesses, with BT setting up a test lab in its Tower Swansea building to serve around 100 flats and business premises, this time testing how the system manages with densely packed connections.

BT's previously said it thinks up to 80 per cent of the UK could eventually be covered by something similar to a 700/200Mbps connection should live up to expectations, with the system wiring cabinets and poles to the fibre network and leaving our tired old copper cables in place for the final part, massively simplifying the job of wiring everyone up to better internet.

The dream for BT and people living outside of the affordable fibre footprint is that within 10 years will be live and providing fibre-like speeds to almost everyone. [BT via The Register]