Some Grand Theft Auto V Mods are Sticking Malware on Your PC

By Nick Cowen on at

The Grand Theft Auto V modding community has produced some pretty wicked add-ons to Rockstar's sandbox. Players have been able to enjoy using Gravity Guns, Car Cannons and the ability to soar throughout the giant, sprawling map like Superman if the mood takes them. What they probably didn't realise, however, is that certain mods have been cheekily installing malware on their PCs. Whoops!

Over at GTAForums, one user going under the name of 'aboutseven' says that they've spotted malware that's installed in two mods, 'noclip' and 'angry planes'; the former allows players to examine GTA V's environment from every angle and the latter spawns planes that attack the player on sight. Both mods, aboutseven says, installsĀ a Trojan called fade.exe, which then began using internet access.

"The Fade.exe had hijacked an official system file, the C# Compiler, and was accessing the internet while keeping what seems to be logs of my system in the hidden temp directory," aboutseven wrote.

Apparently this happens after players open the game with the mods. It's not known at this stage if just downloading them will cause any problems.

Engadget reports that since this news broke, sites hosting these mods have pulled them down. If you're one of the many folk have installed these mods, click the link to the GTAForums and you'll see that aboutseven has helpfully compiled a list of instructions on how to get rid of this malware. In the meantime, if you've downloaded any of these mods, it may be a good time to change all of your passwords. Just in case.