Sony Opens Project Morpheus Studio

By Nick Cowen on at

Looking for a job in the gaming industry? Fancy working with Sony's forthcoming Project Morpheus VR headset? Want to get your hands on groundbreaking tech before its planned release in the early part of next year?

Well, you should consider applying for one of the jobs going over at North West Studio, which Sony recently set up to focus solely on games for the PS4's Project Morpheus. There's been no official announcement accompanying the studio's opening, but the eagle-eyed folks over at Eurogamer spotted this list of jobs on Sony's website.

Based in the UK (possibly Manchester, according to Eurogamer but unconfirmed by Sony) North West Studio is looking for designers, artists, animators and the like. Each listing is described as "an exciting and rare opportunity to join an ambitious new studio to create original games exclusively for Project Morpheus".

When approached for comment, Sony wasn't very forthcoming about any of the details on its new developer.

"We are still in the early planning phase with this studio, and are currently focused on hiring the right team," a spokesperson told Eurogamer. "We look forward to sharing more news and formal announcements in the near future."

Here's hoping Sony's keynote is chock full of announcements for games for the Morpheus headset. The release date for the device is looming and ever since HoloLens was announced, the stakes for E3 have been raised considerably.