Star Wars Cantina to Become a London Nightclub

By Gerald Lynch on at

Forget the Death Star trench run, forget Darth Vader's dramatic opening entrance. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I reckon the Star Wars Cantina scene is most people's favourite part of 1977's A New Hope.

A wretched hive of scum and villainy, it's where Luke Skywalker first meets Chewbacca and Han Solo, and where the world is first introduced to this stone-cold soundtrack classic:

There's ten hours of it for you to enjoy. You can thank me later.

Full of misfits, dodgy dealers and intergalactic fashion victims, the cantina is already not unlike a London club night. So it's fitting then that, for Secret Cinema's upcoming Empire Strikes Back screenings, the interactive movie production company will be recreating the Star Wars bar as a living, breathing London nightclub.

As is ever the way with the secretive productions, the location and nature of the night is shrouded in mystery, beyond Secret Cinema's tease that it'll be related to a cantina club "from a galaxy far, far away."

Opening on Thursday May 14th to coincide with the Empire Strikes Back Secret Cinema screenings, entry to the club will be restricted to those who have bought a ticket to the movie showing. Only then will those wishing to attend be able to find the venue's location, after receiving a secret code and telephone number to call, revealing all.

A strict Star Wars-themed dress code is expected, while live music and DJ sets will take place throughout the night.

The extra event, in addition to the screening, goes a little further towards explaining why the ticket price for this latest Secret Cinema season is so high. At £75 per person, it's far higher than even the £53.50 Secret Cinema was commanding for tickets to its Back to the Future event, itself criticised for being expensive. Extravagant though they are, with full recreations of scenes from the films to explore and actors in character mingling with guests around the site, many of the movie's fans may likely feel the Force is stronger (or at least easier on their wallets) with the DVDs, a pizza and a night in. [Secret Cinema]