Star Wars Episode VIII to be Filmed in the UK, Says Government "May the 4th" Announcement

By Gary Cutlack on at

The "May the 4th" gag is now well and truly dead in the water, thanks to UK chancellor George Osborne using today's special Star Wars day to announce that Star Wars Episode VIII will be filmed in the UK at Pinewood Studios, just like the forthcoming Episode VII.

The chancellor will confirm the move in a speech aimed at bigging up the UK's creative industries, claiming that the filming of the 8th Star Wars film at Pinewood amounts to a £100m "investment" in the country's jobs market from Lucasfilm.

Some quotes from the chancellor's speech have already been made public, with Osborne expected to say: "This investment by Lucasfilm... is a huge vote of confidence in all elements of movie-making in Britain -- from the visual effects designers to the lighting technicians and from the carpenters to the costume designers.

"The creative industries make a huge economic and cultural contribution to the UK. That is why in budget after budget as chancellor, I announced measures to support the industry."

May the 4th also has a historical alternative meaning for the Conservative party, as it was on May 4th in 1979 that their own queen of the dark side, Margaret Thatcher, came into power. [Guardian]