Stop What You're Doing and Watch The Insane Kung Fury Action Movie Parody

By Nick Cowen on at

So how's your weekend going? Bored? Fancy watching a kung fu film with amazing fights, eye-popping explosions and dinosaurs in it? How about one where the villain is Hitler and the hero hacks himself back through time to stop the Fuehrer from killing all his co-workers by shooting them through a phone line? And all of this is set in Miami in the 1980s - eat your heart out, Devolver.

Well then head over to YouTube where we strongly recommend you having a look at David Sandberg's Kung Fury a film so over the top it's down the other side, through the earth's core and out the other end.

Using what we can only assume is cutting edge film technology - read: a green screen and all the mates in his block of flats - Sandberg's put together 30 minutes of footage that can only be described as a heart-breaking work of staggering genius. Kung Fury follows a cop (of course it does) who, after beating up a rampant arcade machine (yes, that's in the film), heads back in time to kick Hitler's arse (yes, we're not making this up) before he can time travel to the future and...

...Look, just watch the film. Seriously. You'll love it. And even though it sounds utterly rubbish, it's pretty well made. Admit it: we had you at 'dinosaurs', didn't we?