Supreme Court Adds Catchup to Live Hearings

By Gary Cutlack on at

All of the scintillating dissections of UK case law that go on at the Supreme Court will soon be yours to enjoy time and time again, with legal classics like Haile v London Borough of Waltham Forest and Pendragon's battle with HMRC over the application of the European law principle of abuse of rights in the context of VAT set to benefit from a catchup video buffer.

The Supreme Court currently lets viewers watch a selection of proceedings live. Soon aspiring lawyers and solicitors will be able to access a huge archive of cases, with recorded arguments set to be uploaded the day after they were made and stay live for repeat viewing for a whole year.

Lord Neuberger, president of the court, explained: "The archive will help people see the background to decisions made in our highest appeal court. It will also be useful to the legal profession and serve as an informative tool for those considering a career in the law."

At the moment, the live channel from Supreme Court 2 is showing the case of the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions v Tolley, in which a group of suits are arguing about historical rules and the meaning of paragraphs of text in previous judgements. They don't seem to do murders or historic celebrity abuse allegations or anything juicy. [Supreme Court via BBC]