Swiss Safety Advert Shows Texting Teen Smashed by a Car

By Nick Cowen on at

If you've ever bumped into your fellow pedestrians while texting at the same time as walking to work, a new advert about road safety will chill you to the core and probably prompt you to keep your phone in your pocket on your daily commute.

The campaign aimed at keeping pedestrians out of coffins is called The Magic Trick and is arguably the most shocking public service announcement we've seen in ages. If you want to see what we mean, click on the video below and steel yourself for some pretty eye-watering images. Be warned: this video is not pretty, not for the squeamish and definitely not safe for work.

If you don't fancy watching it, here's what happens. A smug goatee-sporting bloke walks you through the dangers of taking your eye off your surroundings while you're glued to whatever texts, web pages or pictures of kittens you happen to be looking at and then you get to see first-hand what happens if you and the owner of a fast moving vehicle meet the hard – complete with screaming breaks, screaming onlookers and bone-crunching sound effects... of bones crunching.

In a way it kind of reminds us a bit of the THINK! campaign right here in the UK, which showcases some of the most disturbing footage on the topic of road safety you're likely to see without sub-titles. Perhaps the Swiss are taking a leaf out of the British 'scare some bloody sense into 'em' approach used in the past here. Still, happy Monday everyone! And if you have to use your phone, don't do it while you're walking across a road.