Tesla's Elon Musk Wants Apple's Hype and Fans in the E-Car World

By Gary Cutlack on at

Speaking during a conference call to discuss Tesla's motoring performance over the last quarter, the company's founder was asked what he thought of rumours claiming Apple might be planning its own electric car some time in the future. In short, he'd like to see it happen, and is dreaming about the e-car column inches such a move would bring.

Tesla was asked this rather long-winded question at the call: "Are you starting to feel a greater sense of competition with Silicon Valley parties versus your ability to track and retain key software and automotive engineering talent? And If Apple were to get into the electric car business, would you see this as a positive for broader consumer acceptance of electric vehicles?"

To which he replied: "I actually hope Apple gets into the car business. That would be great. No we're not really seeing significant attrition of engineers to Apple -- for anything, car or otherwise. And anyone can figure this out by going on Linkedin [to see] what the relative flow of people is from one company to another. And I think it’s like... if you look at the trailing 12 months, I think Tesla has recruited five times as many people from Apple as Apple has recruited from Tesla."

So he's not bothered, happy and would welcome a battle with Apple and all the PR magic such a move would bring. [Forbes]