The Best Fitness Tracker You Can Buy Now Has a Sleek Titanium Case

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The Basis Peak is probably the best fitness tracker you can buy right now, more capable and more accurate than the rest of the competition. Now, it’s been updated with a sleek titanium case, a bunch of new leather straps and a fistful of smart software tweaks.

The new Titanium Edition of the Basis Peak houses its guts inside a satin finish Grade II titanium case, which is designed to resists nicks, scratches and corrosion. The more exclusive option — it’ll retail at $300 rather than the $200 of the base model (UK pricing TBC) — it comes with either a black Onyx SportVent silicone strap or a caramel brown leather strap. Inside, nothing much has changed, so you’re really paying extra for the case. But it is a very pretty case.

Across the board, though, both old and new Basis Peaks will receive a software update that brings with it some new features. Perhaps most useful is that the device will now be able to sync with Apple Health and Google Fit via the Peak app, allowing data gathered from your wrist to give you a better understanding of your general well-being (or lack thereof). A firmware update will also add a stopwatch to the Peak, along with what Basis is calling the ‘Basis Peak Playground’, which essentially is a beta testing ground, where users will be able to test potential new features.

The Best Fitness Tracker You Can Buy Now Has a Sleek Titanium Case

And if you have an old Peak but fancy jazzing it up, Basis has also announced a new set of leather straps that you can swap out for the existing one. The straps, made from leather, are available in black, grey, caramel, light and light pink. They’ll cost $50 (UK price TBC) a pop.

The new watch and straps are available form Basis now. The software updates will roll out today and tomorrow.