The Minority Report TV Show Gets Its First Trailer

By Nick Cowen on at

Remember a little film starring Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell that was directed by Steven Spielberg back in 2002 called Minority Report? Yeah, it did some decent business at the box office and it had side-scrolling cars and interactive adverts in it. Oh, and it was based on a story by some bloke called Philip K. Dick? Well, a Minority Report TV show by Fox is on the way, and we've got its first trailer for you to gawp at.

Before sci fi fans throw their hands up and despair at the logic - after all, the plot in the original film had pretty much run its course by the time the credits rolled - the developers of theĀ Minority Report TV show seem to have taken a rather fresh angle on things. Apparently the show starts a few years after the events of the film, with Pre-Crime having been shut down and its operations disbanded. One of the former pre-cogs (Stark Sands) - the trio of psychics who have the ability to detect crimes in the future before they take place - is haunted with visions of murders that have yet to happen and so he enlists help from a detective (Meagan Good) to prevent them.

The trailer makes the show appear much more like a weekly crime procedural and the whole notion of arresting ostensibly innocent folk until they've actually committed a crime seems to be skirted over. Still, it looks entertaining enough and if you're in the market for a guilty pleasure - at least, until the next season of The Blacklist is back on telly - Minority Report looks like it could see you right. It's released this autumn in the States.