The Suicide Squad Movie Has Just Had a Massive Spoiler Revealed

By Nick Cowen on at

Just in case you didn't read the headline properly, we're warning you up front that some on-the-set footage from the forthcoming Suicide Squad movie has revealed what may be a massive spoiler. If you want no more details about the film then read no further.

Still with us?

Right, so recently Latino Review posted some footage that was taken from the set of the Suicide Squad movie currently being shot in downtown Toronto, Canada, and blow us down if that doesn't look like The Batmobile tooling about the street.

Rumours have been circling that the Dark Knight would be making an appearance in David Ayer's (director of End Of Watch and Fury) new comic book film adaptation. Skip over to iMDB and you'll see Ben Affleck in the cast list. But the footage makes it look like Batman may be more than just a cameo.

The clip came from the Instagram account of one Terence Yip and if you head over there you'll see a raft of clips from the Suicide Squad movie – including what looks like the Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) driving down the street in a bright pink Lambo.

Hopefully there'll be more information forthcoming when the trailer for this baby drops about a month from now.