The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

If I could use one word to describe myself, it would definitely be inconsistent, and one point where that's apparent (to me), is drinking coffee. Sometimes I'll drink it every day for a week, other times I'll get my caffeine elsewhere. It's very irritating, in that respect, that you can't really buy individual portions of long life milk, and buying smaller cartons would leave me with a lot of waste. Is it really that difficult to manage? I'd rather not have to keep relying on lactose free options.

But does anyone really care about my strange morning habits? Not likely. Let's get down to the real reason you're here, all those glorious apps.

iPhone Apps

Musations: If you're looking to express yourself with music, Musations is one to try. All you need to do is choose a song with lyrics you feel express your current mood, and you will be able to sync it with your own message, video, or 'lip-sync selfie' and then share it with your followers. There are over 45 million songs to choose from, and it even has music detection software built in so you'll be able to find whatever tune your mood dictates. [Free -- with subscription]

Gett (GetTaxi): The app formerly known as GetTaxi has had a rebrand, so now it's called Gett. So what's new? Gett is now available across the UK in six major cities (and London), which means more of you will get the most out of the black-cab booking service. They're also going to start offering even more distinct services as well, including delivery of pizza, flowers, dry cleaning, sushi, and more. [Free]

Mezzo: If you're looking for a more extensive music player on your phone, Mezzo is a great alternative to Apple's built-in option. Mezzo has queue management, drag-and-drop rearrangements, swipe controls, as well as offering the ability to let you see lyrics and artwork like the default player. It even has Genius playlists, so you won't be missing out on the vanilla features either. [Free]

The FIFA Weekly: Looking to keep up to date with everything from across the world of football? The FIFA Weekly will bring you the latest and best stories to keep you up to date with the goings on across the globe. That includes the latest results, reports on players, the best goals, along with in-depth analysis, interviews, commentaries, and more. [Free]

Fever: Looking for more things to do in London? Fever is a good place to try, with its curated personalised lists of events. It's just launched in the capital, and every week Fever's experts will update everything with over 100 of the best restaurants, gigs, venues, and more. Once you've found something you like you can purchase tickets in-app. If that sounds good to you, the first 100 of you to use the code GIZMODO1 will be able to get £10 of free app credit. [Free]

iPad Apps

Airbnb: Can't afford a hotel? Or would you rather stay in an actual home rather than an alien-seeming hotel room? You need Airbnb, the service that lets people rent out their own properties for short term visitors. It's now available on the iPad, optimised to ensure hosts and guests have everything they need on the larger screen. [Free]

Coowl: Designed to add a unique spin to your photos, Coowl lets you alter and fiddle with your photos without having to learn pesky Photoshop tools. There's photo mirroring, and a wealth of multiple exposure tricks to play with. Certainly a lot better than slapping a filter onto your work and calling it 'artistic'. [£1.49]

Printastic: You can't just keep all of your photos on a hard drive. Sometimes you need to keep physical copies, too. What better place to put them than in a book? Printastic lets you create and order your own personalised photobook using the pictures stored on your iPad. Each book can be up to 200 pages long, and you can customise the layout and cover as you see fit. It's had a minor update, making the checkout process easier, and improving quality control checks. [Free]

Orbits: Another seemingly easy game this week in the form of Orbits. In it you have to complete levels by jumping between circles and collecting all the diamonds. Don't hit any of those pesky red spikes though, or else it's game over and you have to start the level again. [Free]

Android Apps

River Monsters Fish On!: A logbook for anglers, this app will let you connect with a global community of anglers and compete to see who has the largest catch. Of course, that means it comes with a directory of different species, bait, and tips to help you out. [Free]

Watchup: Your Daily Newscast: Personalised news is all the rage these days, and if you're more into video news then this is something to look into. Watchup curates a newscast of video news content from all over the world. Personalise when you'll be alerted then you'll be able watch it at your leisure. There's even an option to read text articles if you need a little bit more context. [Free]

Wave Alarm: I don't know about you, but I'm not that fond of having to find the exact point on my screen to switch my alarm off. That's why having this one is so appealing. All you have to do is wave over your phone. [Free]

Glimpse Notifications: If you're sick of having to manually turn on your Lollipop-driven device's screen to see the lock-screen notifications, then this app is for you. Glimpse turns on your phone's screen when a notification arrives so you don't have to do it yourself. There's even a system to blacklist certain apps if you specifically don't want them switching on the screen. [Free]

Videostream Chromecast: Mobile: If you want to be able to stream media from your computer to your Chromecast without using a media server, then this is the app for you to try. No fiddling about with extra services, just find the file you want and have it play in the big screen thanks to the Videostream Chrome Extension. Where does the app play into this, you might ask? It turns your phone into the remote for controlling the playback. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Band Translate: Got a Microsoft band? Need some words and phrases translating? This is an ideal one for you. Band Translate will use your Microsoft Band and Cortana to listen in on foreign languages and deliver you the appropriate translations. [Free]

Eurovision Song Contest: Eurovision is coming up, and if you plan on watching religiously then you should have this app to make sure you get the full experience. As you watch the contest on TV, you will be able to see information about the artists currently performing -- along with the lyrics in case you feel the need to sing along. If that wasn't enough, you'll be able to vote from your phone instead of ringing those pesky toll lines. [Free]

Movie Creator Beta: Movie creator has been around for a while, letting Lumia owners create plenty of movies from the convenience of their phone. It's just been updated, and with it comes 4K video input (but output is limited to 1080p), an option to bring in photos and videos from OneDrive, and the ability to change video speed, captions, and font positions. [Free -- Lumia Exclusive]

Audible for Windows Phone: Audible's Windows Phone app has had a hefty update, bringing with it the option to vary the audio narration speed. That means you can listen to your audio books as quickly or as slowly as you like. There's also been an overhaul to the design interface to help with that. [Free]

Pocket Casts: A podcasting app that's designed to help you find and listen to a variety of podcasts with minimal fuss. There are search filters, variable playback speeds, automatic downloads, and over 200,000 podcasts to choose from. To top all that off, it's a cross-platform app which means all your podcasts will sync across all your devices. It's not cheap, though. [£2.69]