The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Anyone who follows American TV might know that the week just gone was special because it was when most of the networks made their final cancellation/renewal announcements. Don't you just hate it when you invest your time in a new programme, only for it to get cancelled? All the while total crap like The Only Way is Essex continues to plague our TV screens. What is wrong with the world?

While your subconscious mind ponders that thought and tries to formulate ideas and opinions, what better time than to check out this week's latest batch of apps?

iPhone Apps

Camera51: This one is designed to make your mobile photography just as good as anything the professionals can come up with. It'll automatically detect faces and scenery in order to tell you how to take the perfect shot. There are also other features like auto selfie so you don't have to hit the button, manual object selection to switch the focus, and peripheral object alter that will notify you when something will interfere with your photo's frame boundaries. [Free]

Lyst: Into fashion? Maybe you just like buying clothes? Lyst is a one-stop place to finding the best fashion from multiple brands and designers. It's all picked just for you, and you'll even be alerted to sales, and when things you want come back in stock. [Free]

Yoga 8: Just like how the 7 minute workout gives people the chance to exercise without investing too much time, Yoga 8 shows you a quick way to get in some yoga. It has a step-by step guide that lets you practise your yoga anytime and any place. All it takes is eight minutes. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Tomorrow: In a fantastic mood? Wish you could carry that on to inspire you another time? Tomorrow can, by letting you record inspirational messages to be played back the next day to your future self. It's a very simple concept, and you can always use it for more practical reasons – like work reminders. [Free]

Noon Pacific: It can be tricky to find new music and expand your aural pallet, so having a service that helps you out is a great idea. Noon Pacific will deliver to you a brand new 'mixtape' of ten songs every Monday at 8pm (noon US Pacific time), all handpicked from the best music blogs. [Free]

iPad Apps

Roambi Analytics: An analytics app designed with the mobile interface in mind. Roambi lets you take any data and visualise it as graphs, charts, and more. The latest version ensures you have the same analytical power as a desktop PC, lets you import data from other apps, as well as sharing your analytics with other people. [Free]

Flickr:  There has been a huge update to Flickr, and version 4.0 comes with a whole host of new features. There's an auto-uploader to keep all your photos and videos safe, a brand new timeline with improvements to browsing and organisation, photo editing, and a new interface. Perfect for putting that free 1,000 GB of storage to good use. [Free]

Festival de Cannes: The Cannes Film Festival starts at the end of this week, and for people not going (which is most of them) here's a way of staying up to date with everything. That's where the official app comes in, and you'll be able to keep up with happenings thanks to video, audio, photos, and articles. You can also see schedules, watch film trailers, and see all the coverage from the red carpets. [Free]

Neybers: Decorating your home is no easy task, and if you want to plan everything out then Neybers is the app to try. You simply create the room you want to decorate, and from there you can throw in numerous items and products from different brands and designers across the world. That way you get to see everything before you buy it. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Grim Fandango Remastered: The Double Fine point-and-click classic got remastered recently, and now you can play through the game on your iPad. Something's gone wrong in the Land of the Dead, and it's up to Manny Calavera, a travel agent, to find out why. This is a game with a fond place in people's hearts, so it's not one to be missed. [£7.99]

Android Apps

Meerkat: Live streaming to your Twitter followers is a thing now, and its not just for iOS users, because Meerkat is available on Android. Just set everything up, and whatever happens in front of your phone's camera will appear in the feed of all your followers. [Free]

Chrome Dev: Google is constantly tinkering with the Chrome browser, and if you want the latest features as they go into beta then Chrome Dev is the app for you. You'll be able to test them all, and then you can send Google some feedback so they can perfect it for everyone else. Just be warned, the features will have a few issues. They are only in beta after all. [Free]

Send Anywhere (File Transfer): Another file transfer option for people who want to transfer files via the internet, but don't want the hassle of signing up for cloud storage. All you need to do is use the six-digit key to pair your devices an you're good to go. No sign-ups required. Plus, as an extra bonus, there are no limits on file size or how much you can use it. [Free]

6 Seconds: Free streaming apps are all the rage these days, but they require a decent catalogue of music to make it worthwhile. 6 Seconds is a little different because it uses the music being played on radio stations across the world. Obviously that means you might not find all your favourite songs all the time, but you can make sure it tells you when they are. [Free]

Handpick: One of the things social media has become known for is people obsessively sharing pictures of their food. If you're one of the people who like that, then Handpick is the app for you. It'll browse Instagram and a variety of food blogs to find the best food people are eating right now. Some of them even come with recipes so you can make them yourself. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Monument Valley: That ever popular puzzle game has made it to Windows Phone at long last. That means Windows users will be able to help the princess navigate many stunning architectural puzzles. [£3.09]

Expedia: Expedia has been released on Windows Phone before, but back then it was just a rehash of the mobile site. This time, though, they've done things right by launching a native app. You get the great Expedia experience in the most convenient place you can think of. So now you can book hotels, flights, cars, and more on your phone. [Free]

Swarm: Swarm is designed to make it easier for you to meet up with all of your friends. It's just been updated with something rather important: messages. For some reason they hadn't felt like adding that before. There are also a bunch of stickers for you to use, if you're into that sort of ting. [Free]

Truecaller: Truecaller is a community-driven service that aims to stop people getting spam calls. There's caller ID for numbers not in your phonebook, and a blocking system to stop them getting in touch. It's just been updated, and now the spam detection features have been improved, and you'll find it easier to get search for all those strange numbers. [Free]