The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's remarkable how easy one can procrastinate when they're not paying attention. Where does all that time go? A less rationally minded person would assume it was some sort of conspiracy. I suppose it's all those little tiny breaks during work adding up over the course of the day.

Is there an app to solve that? Probably not, but there are quite a few others you should check out.

iPhone Apps

Rally: Designating itself as the first 'social nightwork', Rally is an app designed to help you and your friends organise a night out with minimal fuss. You can see who's available, what's happening, and what already happened all in one place. Set your own availability, keep in touch with everyone throughout the night, and once you're done you can all share your photos through the app. [Free]

NewsGIF: You like GIFs, we like GIFs, GIFs are the best. Now what if we could make GIFs even more useful? That's what NewsGIF is for, it's the news condensed into GIF form. Which GIFs, though, are all chosen by the community through a popular vote from a catalogue of over 1,000 GIFs or user submissions. [Free]

uSwitch: uSwitch is one of the UK's best websites for comparing energy tariffs and making sure you're getting the very best deal. Now there's an app. Not only does it help you find the best deals to save you money on your bills, it also offers personalised advice. If that's not enough, once you've found a deal, you can use the app to switch over your energy provider in minutes. [Free]

Mr Vine: When it comes to booze, we're rather spoilt for choice. What do you pick? What's good, what's atrociously overpriced? Thankfully there are apps to help out, and Mr Vine is one such example. It does all the hard work when it comes to choosing wine, using its extensive database to find something that's right for you. With over 1,000 wines in there, you're bound to find something to suit your tastes. [Free]

Moovit: Moovit is an app that shows you live transport information in a number of cities across the UK and the rest of the world. That includes buses, trains, and everything else. There's been a big update, and it promises to be faster and sleeker than ever before. There are also new features, including in-journey ETAs, favourites, offline support, Apple Watch integration, and more. [Free]

iPad Apps

MacID: The Mac/iOS relationship has led to a break many forms of collaboration, including ways of using your device to lock and unlock your Mac. Most of those rely on proximity, but MacID is different because it also lets you use your iPad Air 2's TouchID scanner to unlock your Mac without the need for any passcodes. Oh and for those of you who already have Apple Watches, that works as well. [£2.99]

Carbo: Digital note-taking is incredibly useful, but to a lot of people (myself included) there's nothing quite like writing them down with a pen. Carbo aims to be a mix of both, letting you jot down your own notes and doodles on your iPad using a stylus. The digital aspect also means you can back them up to the cloud, as well as organising them with tags and annotations. [£2.99]

Swiftkey: Swiftkey's keyboard is special in that it comes with text prediction that learns and adapts based on your own typing patterns. It also comes with a lot more options than the standard iOS keyboard. It's been updated now, with a smidge more personalisation for you in the form of new themes. Now you can alter and change the colour and appearance of your keyboard to match your own preferences. Provided you pay for them first. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

StubHub: What do you do when you have tickets you can't use? You sell them, of course. Likewise, if you need tickets for a sold out event you need a place to sell them. That's what StubHub is for. It's also been updated, reworked from the ground up. Now it personalises itself based on your favourites and your iTunes library, you get to quickly see local events and recommendations, as well as improvements to search and event screens. [Free]

Lifesum: Lifesum is an app designed around tracking your health and achieving your own health goals. That includes things like calorie counting, exercise tracking, and so on. It's just been updated, and that means you can now import data from the Apple Watch, prioritise your own body statistics, see popular foods in this country, and more. [Free -- with subscription]

Android Apps

AdBlock Browser: For this one you will need to sign up for the beta testing community, or else the Google Play download won't work (or so it seems for me). If you're sick of seeing adverts on your Android browser, then this is one to try out. AdBlock Browser is supported by AdBlock Plus, and designed to save your data by preventing you from downloading those pesky bandwidth-consuming adverts.

Just be warned this is a beta and you may face problems, especially downloading it. I did. [Free]

Twitch: We should all know Twitch by now, it's the most popular games streaming service there is, and the Android version has had a handy little update. That update now means you can now watch highlights and past broadcasts on your device. [Free]

SURE Universal Remote: Remotes are a pain. They slide down the back of the sofa, need replacement batteries, and if you lose it there's no way of finding it again. So why not use your phone? SURE Universal remote will turn your phone into a remote control for all of your devices. That includes Smart TVs, streaming sticks, your regular TV (if your device has IR) and more. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

RealTimes: When was the last time you heard of anything coming from the folks at RealPlayer? It's been a while for sure, and now there's something new out in the world. RealTimes automatically collects your photos and videos to turn them into 'stories' that bring them to life. Those stories are then backed up in the cloud for safe keeping, and you can also share them with your friends and family. [Free]

AllCast: AllCast is that special app that lets you stream all sorts of media files from your device to a number of streaming sticks/boxes, like Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Chromecast. It's had a nice shiny redesign, bringing along a Material Design-esque interface with new icons, toolbars, and more. [Free -- with premium in-app purchase]

Windows Phone Apps

6tag: Instagram is available on Windows Phone, but it's hardly your only viable option thanks to 6tag. The app's latest update brings it more in line with the official Instagram app for iOS and Android, offering video uploads, HD uploads, emoji hashtags, multiple accounts, location sharing, direct messaging, and a whole lot more. [Free]

Leo's Fortune: The platformer that has gone down incredibly well on iOS and Android has finally made it to Windows Phone. In the game you take control of Leo, a moustachioed ball of fuzz on a quest to discover the thief who stole his fortune. Luckily the thief left a trail of gold through the forest for Leo to follow. [£3.89]

Discovery News: A news app from the same people behind the Discovery Channel, designed for people who are curious about the world. The idea is that the stories you read won't be found elsewhere, and come from a variety of topics including Earth, Space, Tech, Animals, History, and more. There's also a live tile so that you can see the featured stories from your home screen. [Free]

Readit for Windows Phone: Readit has been a popular option for Windows Phone users to browse the self-titled 'front page of the internet' that is Reddit. It's been updated, with a bunch of improvements to improve speed and the user experience. The update also coincides with the app going free (with ads), so it's got that going for it which is nice. [Free]

Perfect Workout: We all know that we should exercise more, but doing exercises can be tricky because you need to learn how to do them effectively for them to be of any use. That's where Perfect Workout comes in. It's a fitness app with over 100 exercise animations, and promises that you can get in a decent workout in 10 minute increments. [Free]