The Witcher 3 Will Let You Have Sex on the Back of a Unicorn

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Witcher series has always been the saucier choice for adventure gamers. If you felt that Zelda was lacking in bawdy jokes, or that Skyrim didn't have enough boobs, greying Geralt of Rivia and his randy gang of pals made The Witcher games your best bet for a bout of digital boning.

The Witcher 3, expected to be one of the year's biggest and best RPG releases, takes that horniness to a whole new level though; in it, you'll be able to have sex on the back of a unicorn.


Revealed in a Clueless Gamer segment by US TV host Conan, the moment in question starts at the 9.19 mark in the video below. Landing on May 19th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, The Witcher 3 is set to be an epic title, with more than 150 hours of fantasy questing, monster-fighting gameplay touted. You have to wonder now though how much of that will be padded out with equestrian bareback riding... [YouTube]