There's an LG G4 Mini on the Way

By Gerald Lynch on at

With its 5.5-inch IPS Quantum display, the LG G4 is going to be a little bit of a stretch for the smaller-handed, modestly-pocketed flagship smartphone shopper. It'll come as no surprise then that, just as with basically every major smartphone manufacturer these days, LG appears to have planned a miniature version of its latest and greatest.

WinFuture claims to have got its hands on leaked details of the LG G4c. It's a smaller, 5-inch, budget orientated version of the LG G4 that shares much of its design language. However, it also dials back some the G4's fancier features.

Equipped with a Snapdragon 410 processor, the G4c's 720p display sounds no match for the G4's qHD offering. 8MP rear and 5MP front facing cameras are respectable (though laser autofocus is worryingly absent), but there's only 8GB of storage onboard, with a 2,540mAh battery. It is then in reality as much a successor to the G3 S as it is a stablemate for the G4.

Due out in June if the source is accurate, it'll land at roughly the same time as its full-fat friend. [WinFuture via Engadget]