This New 4D Batman Coaster Looks Like a Super Fun Vomit Factory

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Guess what’s finally built and undergoing extensive testing at Six Flags’ Fiesta Texas theme park in San Antonio? The park’s brand new Batman coaster that was teased last year with 4D thrills courtesy of seats that are free to rotate 360-degrees during your vomit-filled ride.

Last year we were only treated to animations of what riding the coaster would be like. But since BATMAN: The Ride is slated to open this summer, Six Flags has just released some first-person and aerial footage of the coaster being tested ahead of the public getting their chance to ride in a few months.

Yep, flipping around in random directions, not being able to see what curve or drop lies ahead, still looks like a terrifying way to spend a minute of your life after hours waiting in line. We commend anyone brave enough to climb aboard, but we’re pretty sure not even the Dark Knight himself would be willing to take a ride. [Six Flags via Thrillist]

This article originally appeared on Toyland, Gizmodo's toys and collectibles blog