Three's Home Signal Booster Boxes Busted, Lead to Blackspots

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're going to offer up indoor mobile booster boxes to patch over your network's coverage blackspots, the customers using them are already going to be a little sore that such a requirement is needed. If those boosters fail? Well, the internet's going to hear about it. Three UK seems to be having some trouble with its Home Signal femtocells at the moment, and customers are far from happy.

Three describes the Home Signal as "a great way to make calls and send texts if you have trouble getting signal indoors”. Hooking a femtocell up to a DSL connection, it should negate coverage blackspots by piggybacking off a web connection to send and receive calls. But these appear to have failed, and users over at the Downdetector and Downtoday coverage checker pages are understandably miffed.

"Three are usually very good and I’ve not had any issues with them before, but the scale of this seems big and no one at Three has bothered to make any kind of statement or press release," one annoyed Three customer told us.

"It’s not good for those who are sat at home with no way to call Three and find out what’s going on."

Having seemingly been an issue since the Bank Holiday weekend, Three is now into its third day of Home Signal outages, with no official word on what's gone wrong. We've reached out to Three for comment, and will update this story once we hear back from the network.