Top Gear Team May Return for Netflix-Exclusive 'House of Cars'

By Gerald Lynch on at

2015, a year that will be remembered in the UK for at least two things -- a dramatic election, and the "Clarkson Saga". With Top Gear as it previously existed now almost certain to disappear, it seems Netflix is scrambling to pick up the lucrative pieces with a pun-laden car show of its own.

According to The Mirror, Netflix is in talks with the Top Gear trio (Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond) to front a new exclusive show called House of Cars, a play on the title of Netflix's most popular exclusive show, political drama House of Cards.

Executive producer Andy Wilman is said to be considering jumping ship from the BBC too, with it being unlikely that the BBC would hand over the rights to the Top Gear name. As it stands, neither Netflix nor the Top Gear stars are confirming any details, meaning that any eventual show (should the rumours prove true) would be at the earliest many months away.

I can picture it now: Kevin "Frank Underwood" Spacey taking on the Stig out on the test track. The only question that remains is who would prove to be the bigger arsehole; Underwood or Clarkson? [Mirror]