Turn Your Kid Into Jaws With a Shark Fin Swimming Float

By Nick Cowen on at

How do you teach your child how to swim if the idea of jumping in a pool prompts a temper tantrum? Easy: convince them they're one of the ocean's most dominant predators by strapping a safety aid to their back.

Allow us to present the SwimFin, a children's swimming aid shaped like a shark's fin that can be strapped to a kiddie's back to provide them with the necessary buoyancy to stay afloat. The kicker is that it doesn't impede their arm movements in any way, so they can work on their breaststroke and crawl, or they can just splash around and terrorise other bathers in the shallow end of the pool.

The fin is strapped to your child's back – providing them with their own dorsal fin – using velcro straps, which apparently become stickier as they get wet, meaning there's little chance of the SwimFin becoming detached. Unlike the water wings the rest of us all grew up with, the SwimFin not only looks pretty cool, but it's made from EVA foam, so it's not inflatable and it won't puncture once your tyke has leapt into the water.

You can head over to SwimFin's website to have a look at the range of colours this little item comes in and there are also a range of accessories you can pick up alongside it, ranging from backpacks to swimming caps to water bottles. They're also all pretty reasonably priced. To our knowledge, however, none of the items on the site play the theme from Jaws.