Twitter Got Paid to Promote a Tweet About "Killing Arabs" 

By Kate Knibbs on at

It was a hateful message to spread under any circumstances. And Twitter actually took money to promote it. “My fellow Jews,” it read, “the time to start killing Arabs is NOW”.

Twitter yesterday blocked white supremacist tweets promoted by notorious troll Andrew ‘weev’ Auernheimer. That’s good. But without a proactive vetting system in place, promoted posts remain a great way to spew bigotry to a wide audience: they can even target groups they assume will be most offended, and reach people who have blocked their accounts.

Despite an official ban on hate language in promoted tweets, things like this are slipping through:

Josh Bornstein, the man whose account tweeted those terrible words, had his Twitter hacked by a white supremacist group, who decided to troll him by publishing racist tweets from his account. Just yesterday, this group was able to broadcast this bile under Bornstein’s name.

Unless the company adopts a better system to weed out hate speech in its promoted content, this kind of crap is going to keep happening. I’ve asked Twitter if it plans to introduce new measures to prevent hate speech in promoted and tweets and will update if I hear back.