Two-in-One Nightvision and Thermal Goggles for a Nocturnal Killing Machine

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may come as a surprise to sofa soldiers reared on a diet of Call of Duty, but all those weapons of war and gadgets of gore that troops carry around weigh a tonne. Any opportunity to reduce the load is a welcome one, so BAE's new two-in-one goggles serve a dual purpose -- not only do they reduce the carry weight for a soldier, but by offering nightvision and thermal goggles in one headset, they offer potentially-life saving convenience too. After all, who want to be fumbling for a different set of techy peepers when you're being fired at?

The Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III and Family of Weapon Sight-Individual (ENVG III/FWS-I, if you're trying to save your fingers a typing workout) will allow troops to keep a target in sight at all times. But it's not enough simply being able to see your target -- you have to be able to hit them too. As such, the headset will also let soldiers remotely aim their weapons, without having to look through their sights. What a weapon's sight sees is transmitted in real time to the goggles using a wireless video connection, meaning the soldier doesn't have to waste valuable time swapping out a headset.

"Supplying the U.S. Army with this new rapid target acquisition technology builds on our heritage as a long-time provider of thermal weapon sights and precision targeting solutions," said Terry Crimmins, vice president and general manager of Survivability and Targeting Solutions at BAE Systems.

"The ability to conduct surveillance in any light or weather condition increases mission safety and effectiveness."

The ENVG III/FWS-I headset is being currently developed in BAE's new high-tech facility in Hudson. So if you local conspiracy theorists were wondering what those spooky, green glowing eyes in the New Hampshire woodland were...well. Now you know. [BAE]