Yves "Jetman" Rossi Flies Over Dubai On a Jetpack Like a Real Rocketeer

By Nick Cowen on at

We may not have our flying cars yet, but jetpacks could be well on the way. While soaring above a metropolis using a jetpack may sound like something out of science fiction - or a James Bond movie - recently two blokes did just that over Dubai.

Swiss inventor and pilot, Yves “Jetman” Rossi soared above the desert city with his custom built jetpack, accompanied by base-jumper, Vince Reffet. You can track their progress in the video below:

The jetpacks weigh around 120 pounds and boast a wingspan of 6.5 feet. They're also powered by four jet engines that allow them to travel at 110 miles per hour on take-off and 180 miles per hour on descent. There's no word on whether or not these new - and totally awesome - machines are ever going to be available for commercial purchase and God knows what they'd cost if they were, but we now know the technology is available.

It's likely the US army is looking up Rossi's contact details right now. Jetpacks would go great with those invisibility cloaks they're after.