Uber Battles Boris Over Minicab Cap

By Gary Cutlack on at

The smouldering row over Uber's gradual backdoor takeover of London's taxi system is about to kick off again, thanks to Uber's UK boss Jo Bertram complaining about Boris Johnson's backing of a plan to limit private minicab numbers in the capital.

According to the FT, Bertram has said that the move would lead to "higher prices" being charged for trips across London, with the city Mayor's backing of a plan to limit minicabs seen as a specific attack on the popular app-based cab company.

A letter sent by Bertram to the Mayor says: "Capping the industry’s ability to grow would mean higher prices and less availability for the millions of people who rely on Uber and services like ours to get around."

She also complains that the changes are designed to protect the existing infrastructure and keep prices locked down, adding that London's transport divisions should: "...protect people -- their personal safety and their pockets -- not hamper new innovations they value and that make their lives easier."

Bertram would like Uber to be given a seat on the board of Transport for London, where it could better argue its case in the price war with the existing black cab fleet. [FT via Engadget]