UK Roku Boxes Get a Nifty Update Today

By Gerald Lynch on at

Roku boxes are still our top tip when it comes to nabbing a cheap streamer for your TV, and a recently-touted update looked to improve on an already golden bunch of devices. That update, which brings a cross-app movie searching tool (complete with comparative service prices) and a My Feed area to track cinema releases as they become available for home viewing, is now rolling out to UK Roku boxes.

The search feature sadly is currently limited to three apps (Netflix, Snagfilm and Popcornflix), which is frustrating considering we've seen it working with far more channels in the US version of the software. Being able to double check a film isn't on Netflix before coughing up the cash for an Amazon premium stream for instance is a killer feature. But Roku promises that search tool compatible app list will become more comprehensive over time. Fingers crossed. Check out our earlier preview for a full breakdown of what's fresh in the new Roku update. [Roku]