UK Workers Spend One and a Half Years of Their Lives Commuting

By Gary Cutlack on at

Japanese tech giant Toshiba has decided it has something to say about the UK workforce, crunching the numbers to extrapolate that commuters waste an average of 1 year and 212 days on getting to their jobs.

That's around 13,871 hours of looking at a phone or photos of what Beyonce wore last night in a free newspaper. Toshiba asked 1,000 people their views on getting to work, with 56 per cent saying they travel to work by car and 44 per cent using public transport -- 25 per cent by bus and 19 per cent on the trains.

Toshiba's probably got a new kind of laptop or tablet coming out soon, as it wants to tells us that people spend much of their commuting time using phones, tablets and laptops to keep our minds busy and stop our thoughts wandering. Toshiba says that the petulant commuters of today would like to be better entertained during their trips, with 37 per cent asking for "more inventions" to give them stuff to do and look at while getting to work, with more than half of people listening to music while travelling.

The groundbreaking survey then went into futurism mode, suggesting that by the year 2035 we'll have VR using "direct links into the brain" to make commuting even more enjoyable, plus self-driving cars will be ready by 2020 so we can nap while the computer does all the driving. [City AM]

Image credit: UK train station from Shutterstock