Ultra HD Blu-ray to Bring Eye-Popping High-Res Movies to Your Living Room

By Nick Cowen on at

Remember DVDs? You know, boring old DVDs? You bought them or rented them and then stuffed them in your DVD player and watched shows and movies on them. Yeah, they were all right, weren't they?

That, of course was before the emergence of file-sharing, Blu-ray, HD DVDs, flatscreen tellys the size of ping-pong tables, 4K and streaming media managed to turn your living room into a veritable home cinema. Back in the days of bog-standard DVDs, we never really recognised how crisp and clear we needed our home entertainment to be.

Well, the next stage in eye-wateringly clear entertainment looks set to arrive in the form of Ultra HD Blu-ray. This announcement came courtesy of the The Blu-ray Disc Association, which states that Ultra HD Blu-ray specification is now completed and the technology will be licensed to set-top box and disc manufacturers this summer.

Apparently, Ultra HD offers four times the resolution of current standard high-definition video. This equates to more colours, higher frame-rates and better quality in sound. It also means you may have to shell out for an Ultra HD TV screen in order to reap the benefits of the tech, but details of what you'll need to get the most out of it will probably be come clearer as summer draws closer. For now, start saving...