Watch a Terrifying Worm Shoot Out a Hideous-Looking Web of Goo

By Casey Chan on at

I no longer want to live in this world anymore because I don’t want to share it with this utterly terrifying ribbon worm that has the ability to spit out an even more terrifying web-shaped goo. The way the substance stretches across that person’s hand just makes me want to never ever go outside again.

The weapon of the ribbon worm, or Nemertea, is a proboscis (elongated appendage) that the worm uses to snag and attach itself to its prey (sometimes with venom!). Basically, that proboscis is like a muscle inside of the ribbon worm that can dart out when the body contracts to attack its prey, which it can swallow whole.

I mean, that’s totally incredible but also still so unsettling.

This article originally appeared on Sploid, a Gizmodo blog of delicious brain candy