Watch Mark Hamill's Screen Test for the First Star Wars Film

By Nick Cowen on at

With tidbits about JJ Abrams Star Wars sequel being distributed all this week, it's worth taking a look back to see where it all started. Before Kylo Ren, before Mace Windu and before Jar-Jar there was Luke, the young farmboy in search of adventure. Here, we get to see Mark Hamill's first steps towards taking that role in a galaxy far, far away:

In retrospect, Mark Hamill was perfect casting, but before he pulled on a flowing white tunic and picked up a lightsaber, he had to screen-test just like everyone else. It's actually quite eerie to see him step into character so easily in the above video - all wide-eyed innocence and adolescent conviction. Listen carefully and you'll hear how pleased George Lucas is at the end of the reading.

You'll also hear Harrison Ford grumbling in the background, filled with Han Solo's piss and vinegar. [Laughing Squid]