What Do You Think of London's New-Look Rail Network Map?

By Nick Cowen on at

Attention all subterranean trainspotters and rail aficionados: you can have your first glimpse of what may be London Underground's new Tube map.

The piece of paper in question not only announces changes to the current map, but also changes in operators. Yes, sir, the excitement never stops.

The map was leaked by Ben Mathis on his Twitter account. He's a London Overground worker (and according to his Twitter account, gardening dabbler) who got hold of a copy of the new map when leaflets were delivered to his office. It's probable that Mathis isn't under a non-disclosure agreement because his leak comes ahead of Transport For London's (TFL) official announcement. If he is, however, he may be in a bit of trouble.

The Evening Standard reached out to TFL for comment and got this back: "People might start to notice posters at some stations. And we're beginning to roll out the maps over the next weeks and months so it's no surprise someone has something."

So there you go. There's a new Tube map. Arriving some time. Soon, hopefully. Like the next tube on the Underground.

Image credit: Ben Mathis/Twitter