What if the Avengers Were All Played by '90s Pop Stars?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember the '90s? The decade that truly characterises the phrase "what the hell was everything thinking?". It was also a time where pop stars decided to try and kick off their film careers, and when marketing consisted of neon colours and graffiti-style font. Seriously, what the hell was everyone thinking.

What if we took one of the biggest film franchises of the 2010s, and substituted proper actors for some once-popular musical people? That's what Break did, and we ended up with this mismatch of Avengers and '90s musicians.

Mark 'Marky Mark' Wahlberg as the Hulk

Turns out he's the only one who can actually act. Helpful, since most people say Hulk is the hardest Avenger to play

Michael Bolton as Thor

Maybe Bolton will let out some sultry tunes while he fires lightning at the baddies. Or is that too '80s heavy metal?

Prince as Iron Man

Prince doesn't quite scream Tony Stark to me. Couldn't they just get Robert Downey Jr again? Tony was a raging alcoholic back in the day, so he could still make it work.

Head over to Break to see who they think would have ended up playing the rest of the 90s' Avengers crew. [Break via Huffington Post]