What is Tactical Voting?

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's Pick Your Favourite Middle Aged Out of Touch Person week! Many of us tomorrow will wander along to a local school or community centre to cast a vote for the person we consider will least horrifically cock up the country for the next four years as the General Election a'proper kicks in.

But what if your chosen political prat sits on the margins, without a hope in the world of taking a seat on the Iron Thron...ahem...within Number 10. That's where tactical voting comes in, the process which Jay Foreman of Politics Unboringed describes as "the party with the best chance of winning that we least don't unhate the most."

There's more to it than simply ticking a random candidate's box to spite another however. Hit the clip above for an explanation of the intricacies of the tactical vote, and how you can use it to help your favoured no-hope candidate lose with at least some dignity in tact. [YouTube]