'Who is Happy' Creates Global Network for Stoners

By Nick Cowen on at

Well here's a social network we never thought we'd be reporting on. It's one for weed-lovers, and can be downloaded from the App Store.

The Who is Happy app is a social network that allows cannabis users to share their 'happiness' with one another. This enables them to find out how many like-minded people there are in their immediate vicinity and beyond. Think of it as a FourSquare for stoners and you're starting to get the idea.

Alongside connecting with fellow cannabis consumers, Who is Happy users can track their own usage and general 'happiness' and also have a look at which countries are the 'happiest' in the world.

“‘Who is Happy’ [acts] chiefly as a means for cannabis users to connect and share their happiness,” Paulo Costa, founder and CEO, told the New York Daily News. “There’s hope that the app will help decriminalise cannabis in countries like Brazil, from which it hails.”

While it all sounds like a noble enough idea, one has to pause and wonder whether posting your illicit activities on a social app that can be downloaded and viewed by anyone on your network is the smartest way to go.

That having been said, Costa says that the app developers have taken steps to ensure the safety of their users.

"We developed the app in which the user profile is invisible to others, and the check-ins are indicated by a radius of 1 kilometre on the map, turning impossible [sic] to know the exact location,” Costa to the Daily News.

Incidentally, we don't know if the above quote is a direct translation, an editorial glitch on the part of the Daily News or if that's actually a reflection on Costa's...er... mood when he made the quote.