Whoops! Apple Just Outed the iPhone 6C on its Own Website

By Gerald Lynch on at

Oh dear! Someone over at Apple has dropped a bit of a clanger it would seem, all-but-certainly prematurely outing the unannounced iPhone 6C on the company's website.

An image on the site being used to promote the company's new iPhone Lightning charging dock appears to show a revised iPhone 5C model, sporting the company's Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Touch ID was introduced with the iPhone 5S, at the same event that the plastic-backed colourful iPhone 5C range was revealed. With the iPhone 5C sporting specs more similar to that of the iPhone 5 in an effort to keep its price down, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner was absent. It's presence here, on what looks like a revised 5C, on Apple's own website, suggests the company has a new version of the rainbow range waiting in the wings.

With the iPhone 5C missing out on an update at the iPhone 6 launch last September, it now seems likely that the company will instead refresh the budget-orientated phone this year alongside the inevitable iPhone 6S. If previous form is anything to go by, its specifications will likely align with that of the iPhone 6 -- possibly even adopting its larger 4.7-inch screen size. As for Touch ID, it's a no-brainer -- central to Apple's ongoing Apple Pay push into payment systems, it unifies Apple's range, allowing for a consistent user experience and security options across Apple's latest range of mobile hardware. All that's missing now is a proper UK rollout for Apple Pay, and that Touch ID scanner might finally begin to show its worth on these shores. [Guardian]