WifiMapper Charts Which Doorways to Lurk in for the Best Free Wi-Fi

By Gary Cutlack on at

WifiMapper is a new launch from mobile connectivity watcher OpenSignal, a tool that claims to have sourced data covering 500 million global hotspots -- so you can always find a decent  free hotspot when out, about, and in need of your phone to look at.

The app does two main things. It tells you where a free Wi-Fi hotspot can be found in your local area, plus it integrates comments from Foursquare so you can read what visitors to the premises have previously said about the ambience as well as the reliability of connectivity and ease-of-rememberability of any password. The app should be able to suggest around two million hotspots from around the world, thanks to collating OpenSignal mobile connectivity data that goes all the way back to 2010.

WifiMapper  also delivers performance indications of each hotspot so you can change course to one that's been rated better, plus users can add their own thoughts once connected, helping improve the data for future generations of internet spongers.

There's an iOS app out right now, plus a disappointing email notification system to let Android users know when they can have a version to play with. That one is due this month some time, according to OpenSignal. [WifiMapper]