Your Apple Watch Has a Serious Security Flaw

By Nick Cowen on at

One of the many aspects of owning the new Apple Watch is that it makes you a target ripe for mugging. Sorry to present a downer on your last Apple-tastic purchase, but those babies are shiny, expensive and desired - and not everyone is that concerned that they acquire one honestly.

If the prospect of getting your head stoved in for your Apple Watch wasn't horrid enough, news has recently emerged that once your new bauble is in their possession, thieves won't have that much of an issue selling it on. According to iDownloadBlog, the Apple Watch's security isn't all that up to snuff.

You'd think that if some nefarious souls made off with your Apple Watch, they'd be stymied since its unhackable password would mean they couldn't use it. And you'd be wrong. Gaze upon the following video, ye Apple Watch owners, and despair. (Oh, and music lovers too, because that faux gangsta soundtrack is pretty awful):

By force-touching the device to power it down, you're able to select an option that reads "Erase All Content And Settings", which allows you to pretty much delete everything on the device. This means that someone who has nicked it is able to pair it relatively easily with another iPhone and make the device - that would be your device - their own. All you need to complete this hack is a charger - which you can pick up online quite easily.

Far be it from us to advise a tech giant, but Apple? You may want to have a look at this pretty quickly... [iDownloadBlog]