Your Car Insurance Could be Halved When Driverless Cars Roll Out

By Gary Cutlack on at

Self-driving cars may have one big benefit for all drivers, in the form of reduced insurance premiums. Numbers suggest the average driver might save around £265 a month on insurance fees once cars take some of the controls away from us easily distracted humans.

The stats come from insurers who spoke to the Telegraph. They say that "bad driving" is the cause of nine out of ten accidents, and having more cars that delicately tiptoe around obstacles all by themselves should massively reduce the number of accidents on our roads -- possibly lowering premiums for everyone.

And the benefits may trickle down before the world goes driverless. Current driver aids like automatic emergency braking and enhanced autonomous motorway cruising modes could help significantly reduce accidents way before we fully hand over the controls to some American tech company's algorithm, which could see overall insurance premiums for everyone -- not just owners of posh new models -- fall, as insurers pay out less to people pretending to have whiplash after a 12mph shunt.

The news is particularly exciting if you're 12 years old, as insurance companies expect the impact of tech to reduce avoidable accidents by as much as 90 per cent over the next five years; meaning it may once again be possible to insure a car for less than £2,000 when you turn 17 and pass your test. [Telegraph]