A Super Mario Bros. Inspired Watch Reminds You its Always Time to Play

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It’s impossible to count how many artists, designers, and Nintendo fans have been inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto’s work, but you can add the folks at Mr. Jones Watches to that list. Their latest timepiece is this Super Mario Bros.-inspired creation featuring the side-scrolling landscape from the original NES game.

Appropriately called the Sun and Moon Miyamoto, the watch features a stark half-face revealing a dial on the upper half with the familiar landscape of Mario’s original adventure scrolling by. It changes from day to night as the hours progress, and the watch includes a two-tone grey-and-navy leather band to match the motif. It’s also got a quartz movement, but few people will be buying one for its horological pedigree.

A Super Mario Bros. Watch Reminds You It's Always a Good Time To Play

Mr. Jones Watches is producing just 100 copies of the Sun and Moon Miyamoto, and you can snag one before they run out for just over $200. You can even choose which of the limited edition numbers you get, although there’s slim pickings at this point. [Mr. Jones Watches via A Blog To Watch]

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