You Can Now Get Pornstar-Branded E-Cig Vaping Gear

By Gary Cutlack on at

Porn star Jada Stevens, who the press release says is "notorious for her mesmerizing and amazing ass," now has a new string stretched over her sagging and beaten bow, with an ecig maker signing her up to release a custom vape tool.

The Jada Stevens Limited Edition Vape comes with everything you need to get a taste of the actress, who is apparently known for her love of smoking special herbs. The one problem for casual users is that it comes with a "caricature of Jada’s world-famous ass" printed on the slimline vaping pen, so using it might be even less socially acceptable than puffing on a standard model that's not endorsed by a porn actress.

The US price is $79.99, or around £50, with everyone who buys the thing entered into a draw to win a personal phone call from her. Which might be hard to explain to the wife. [Kind Pen]